john HOOD
contemporary oil paintings

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"Cyclist with Red Shirt"

Oil on Canvas - 12" x 9"

This and another small painting ("Square with Primaries") were conceived as studies for an intended larger treatment of this motif, which was derived from photography on Bloor street at Dufferin in Toronto, looking west along Bloor from the southeast corner. In a sequence of many photos taken that day, an image with shoppers returning home and this young man in the foreground stood out as very captivating, not least for the excitement of the bright red cycling jersey, but also for the blue tone of the deep shadow thrown onto the foreground by bright afternoon sun

The image is a "contre jour" with the central figure silhouetted against a warm light at the top. Great delight was taken in the impasto application of rich colour. The study seemed very much to stand on its own as a complete statement.