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"Still Life with Cow Creamer"

Oil on Canvas Board - 14" x 11"



My late father was a tremendous fan of the novels of the well known English humorist P.G.Wodehouse, and he was fond of referring to a favourite story of his by that author, whose plot centered around a little ceramic cow creamer like the type in the painting; one day some years after my father's passing I was out for a walk on my street in Toronto's west end and came across the cow creamer in the picture being disposed of on a front lawn. It reminded me of Dad and I rescued it from the cardboard box it was in and took it home. Later the same day, I was out walking in a different area of town and came across ANOTHER similiar but slightly different ceramic cow creamer also put out to pasture as it were. I rescued that one as well! It seemed like a sign.

The little wedgewood vase on the left has been in in my mother's collection for many years, and came to her from her mother, who was a talented oil painter in her own right. I was looking at this painting the other day and suddenly realized it was a semi-conscious tribute to my mother and father.